We have come to your service. For Pizza, Sharwama, Hot dog, Burger among others. It is now time for drinks. What! You have fewer wine glasses. Champaign, Wisky, and Tumblers.

Pizza on the Spot has established a solution to this problem. We understand that you are puzzled about whether you’ll go to the supermarket or borrow from your neighbor who has no idea about your party. Are you sure that these glasses are not meant for you?

Glasses Price

Red Wine Glasses25.00/Pc
White Wine Glasses25.00/Pc
Champaign Glass25.00/Pc
Red Wine Glasses25.00/Pc
White Wine Glasses25.00/Pc
Champaign Glass25.00/Pc

We also supply beer, whiskey, Gin, champagne, wine, and water. Drinks orders are in respect to your preferences. Call Now!

Burger and Hot dog

On our menu, we have introduced Burgers and Hot dogs to meet the demand of our clients. They are listed among the ‘Others’. Clients are already enjoying fresh hot made cooked on spot Burgers and Hot dogs.

We have well-received orders to deliver food. We understand that these clients are the ones who have made us reach where we are today. And, therefore we have no objection to putting delivery into consideration. To be precise, we deliver to residential, offices, parties, and even HAHA ‘traffic’

Don’t wait, place your order Now!

Barman servicesKSH. 3,000/day
Barbeque (Chicken)KSH. 1,200@kg
Goat/MuttonKSH. 1,200@kg
Fillet stake (Beef)KSH. 1,200@kg
Mishkaki (Meat)KSH. 100 @PC
Mishkaki (Vegetable)KSH. 70@PC
Hot dog KSH. 200@PC
BurgerKSH. 500@PC
Sausage (Beef)KSH. 100@PC
Sausage (Pork)KSH. 150@PC
Samosa - PaneerKSH. 120@PC
Samosa - ChickenKSH. 90@PC
Samosa - BeefKSH. 70@PC
Samosa - VegetablesKSH. 60@PC
KebabsKSH. 100@PC
French fries (CHIPS)KSH. 150@PC
Roasted potatoesKSH. 200@PC
Egg - RoastedKSH. 100@PC
Egg - ScotchKSH. 150@PC
Tomatoe Mozzarella stickKSH. 150@PC
Chicken wings/ drum sticksKSH.1500@kg
Vegetable saladKSH. 150@Ptn
20 Pizza16,000
30 Pizza19,000
40 Pizza22,000
50 Pizza25,000
60 Pizza28,000
70 Pizza31,000
80 Pizza34,000
90 Pizza37,000
100 pizza40,000
Barman Services3,000
Runda and surrounding2,500
Westlands and surrounding3,200
Lavington and surrounding3,500
Loresho and surrounding3,500
Karen and surrounding5,000
Windsor and surrounding3,000
30 PAXKSH. 20,000
40 PAXKSH. 24,000
50 PAXKSH. 29,000
60 PAXKSH. 34,000
70 PAXKSH. 39,000
80 PAXKSH. 44,000
90 PAXKSH. 49,000
100 PAXKSH. 54,000

Fresh n’ Hot Pizza!

“Bon appetite!” Just watched master chef Oscar at work. No Monkeys Business! ” He grabbed a slice of wheat flour bread, slapped it down, and flattened it with a rolling pin.

Then he loaded up the small square with vegetable salad and tomato sauce, topped it with grated cheese, and popped it in his improvised charcoal burning oven. I caught on quickly and shouted to the host to start the party. And to the guests, “Please enjoy our famous Pizza On The Spot – Hot and fresh!”